5 way tie in the first weekender

There was a 5 way tie for first in the first of the weekenders in the Irish Championships which finished earlier today. Ravshan Khadyarov, John McMorrow, Eoin Govers, Martin Crichton and Jan Heinrich all scored 4 out of 5. An excellent result in particular for Eoin Govers who posted a performance rating more than 600 points higher than his current rating and will likely pick up a lot of rating points.

Live boards were down in the Irish Senior Championships today as owing to noise in a nearby room the players had to move rooms shortly after the start of the round. Things should be back to normal tomorrow. Links to results and pairings from all tournaments so far are available at the Irish Chess Union website.


3 Comments to “5 way tie in the first weekender”

  1. Eoin “Govers” rather. 😀

  2. Eoin …for the record there is a precedent (still valid) that the winner (s) of the Irish Intermediate Championship qualify to play in the Irish senior championship the following year. Looking forward to seeing you in the big one next year!

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