Round 3

playing hall

A (rather blurry) view of the playing hall.

So today we played Niederrhrdorf (not sure about my spelling there but its close enough). Even though we were seeded below them, we earmarked this as one we could win. They are the Swiss representatives and on paper at least looked beatable. Petr chalked up his first win of the event even though his opponent played really well and in fact was winning but misplayed the ending and Petr finished him off nicely. John Joyce played another cracking game to notch his first win. He played an innocuous enough opening (1e4 Nf6 2Nc3) hardly cutting edge stuff but he outplayed his opponent comprehensively and things were looking good. Unfortunately Jan blundered and lost against his experienced opponent. He was better for probably most of the game but grabbed a hot pawn. Tony made a bit of a balls of the opening with the white bits but his opponent didnt take full advantage and in fact missed a tactic that gave Tony an rook and pawn ending with an extra pawn but it was tricky to win and his opponent did well to clutch onto a draw. I also made a complete hames of the opening, trying to play a black knights tango that transposed into a kings indian and things were looking grim but I dug in and in fact came out better out of the complications but had used up tons of time (actually having looked this up since, maybe I didnt do so terribly in the opening, there is a game of Bologans that isnt a million miles from what I played but my g5 idea was bad and I was a bit slow playing a5, Bologan played it immediately and gave up the pawn on h6). I missed one (maybe two) wins and then blundered just before the time control, however I managed to draw an ending with rook, bishop and three, against rook, knight and four. Nick played a good opening in a favourite line of his and seemed to have the edge against his opponent for much of the game. It ended in a draw which was enough to give us our first win and in only round 3! Its fair to see we were happy. A tough game in prospect tomorrow but we are preforming well above our seeding so its all good so far!


3 Comments to “Round 3”

  1. Great win lads, best of luck today. Nice tough one for ye. Get Cassidy onto a board and away from the local!

  2. Well done lads! The best result that I remember by an Irish team at the ECC. Nicks was the last result posted so I was thrilled when he did the business.

  3. Thanks guys, unfortunately our reward for that win has been to be drawn against two really strong teams. Also we are down a player so already a point down before we even start. We have white rose today, hopefully its winnable.

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