European Club Cup

The European Chess Club Cup is a major chess event held annually at different locations in Europe. It is the chess equivalent of the Champions League or Europa League in football and the Heineken Cup in Rugby. The competition is made up of the top club teams from around Europe comprising of professional and strong amateur players.

Smaller chess federations such as Ireland are allowed nominate two representatives to take part in this competition and these are usually the teams which finish, formerly in the top two, now the top three in the Irish Club Championships.

Ennis have represented Ireland 5 times to date in the European Club Cup

2005 – St Vincent, Italy (Ennis finished 47th from 48 teams)
2008 – Kallithea, Greece (Ennis finished 61th from 64 teams)
2009 – Ohrid, Macedonia (Ennis finsihed 50th from 54 teams)
2010 – Plovdiv, Bulgaria (Ennis finished 49th from 49 teams)
2014 – Bilbao, Spain (Ennis finished 50th from 52 teams)

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