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July 30, 2017

5 way tie in the first weekender

There was a 5 way tie for first in the first of the weekenders in the Irish Championships which finished earlier today. Ravshan Khadyarov, John McMorrow, Eoin Govers, Martin Crichton and Jan Heinrich all scored 4 out of 5. An excellent result in particular for Eoin Govers who posted a performance rating more than 600 points higher than his current rating and will likely pick up a lot of rating points.

Live boards were down in the Irish Senior Championships today as owing to noise in a nearby room the players had to move rooms shortly after the start of the round. Things should be back to normal tomorrow. Links to results and pairings from all tournaments so far are available at the Irish Chess Union website.

July 22, 2017

Irish Championships 1 week to go

The Irish Championships starts in Ennis a week from today. There is still time to enter the weekend events. Details on the attached flier. If you wish to enter online, see the current list of entries or for more information, please visit this page at the Irish Chess Union website. For accommodation inquiries, please contact John Cassidy.

The Irish Championships Open Weekender will be held on the second weekend of the competition (4-6 August) and is currently headlined by top seed IM Alvaro Valdes Escobar. Enter that event here.

Games from the Senior Championship will be broadcast live on Chess24

July 4, 2017

Irish Championships 2017

The Irish Senior Championships and associated events take place in the West County Hotel in Ennis from 28th July to 6th August. To the best of my knowledge this is the first time in the 130+ year history of the event that it has been held in Ennis, though I am open to correction on that. Certainly if it was held in Ennis previously, it was a long time ago. It’s nice for local players to have such a prestigious event taking place nearby.

There is still plenty of time to get entries in for what promises to be a great event. Entry to the senior championships (limited to 1900+ rating) and the weekend events is via the Irish Chess Union website.As usual and in addition to the title there is an automatic spot on the 2018 Irish Olympiad team for the winner. For those who can’t make it all games in the Senior are due to be broadcast online so you can still follow the games.

Sponsorship is provided by Clare County Council (senior event and second weekender) and EI Electronics (first weekender).

July 2, 2017

Results of Jim Hussey rapidplay

The Jim Hussey Memorial Rapidplay took place yesterday in the West County Hotel. The format was 6 rounds at 20 minutes aside with time handicaps applying to higher rated players. 41 players took part in the event.


There were some interesting games played in the event, the time handicap element evened out the rating disparities a bit. In one of my games I had the following pawn structure with white to play (I was black), I think 7 isolated ones is a record for me!


I managed to win the tournament ahead of Eric Bennett and James Naughton who is on a good run on results lately. Jana Solomatina put in an excellent performance to take the U1200 grading prize.
1. R Quinn 6
2-3 E Bennett and J Naughton 5
U1200 J Solomatina 4

Full results and standings here

Well done to John Cassidy for organizing and Ray O’Brien who kept track of results and did the draws. Both also found time to play in the event. Thanks to all who came and played in the event, hopefully all enjoyed themselves.