About this blog

This blog is maintaind by Rory Quinn and provides coverage and information about chess in Ennis and the Munster/Connaught areas in particular. It also provides commentary on national and international chess news.

This blog has been on the go since 2009 and posts are archived periodically. Currently all posts prior to January 2017 are only accessible by password. Drop me an email at ennischessclub@hotmail.com if you need the password.


3 Comments to “About this blog”

  1. Hi there!
    This is Johannes Krumm from Germany. Think some of You guys will remember me. 🙂
    I noticed that You are organizing a tournament in Ennis next year?
    Do You have already some more information about? Which month will it happen?
    This is very interesting for me..perhaps I will play, and brush up some memories of my great time in Ennis.
    Oh dear… it is already 10 years ago now since I played for Ennis.
    Time goes quickly.
    Thanks and all the best to all of You!

  2. Hi Johannes
    Yes we organise a chess congress in Ennis every year. I will update the page at https://ennischessclub.wordpress.com/ennis-open-2010/ with the details later. It looks like the 2015 tournament will be held over the weekend of 16-18th May.

  3. Hi,
    I’m making an enquiry about your club:
    How much is membership and how often is it paid?
    Do you need to know how to play chess or is there a beginner’s?
    How often would ye meet to practice per week and where?

    I look forward to your reply

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