October 23, 2016

Rounds 3 and 4 of Munster League

Ennis maintained their position at the top of the Munster League with wins earlier today over CCYMS and Limerick A.

Ennis 3.5-1.5 CCYMS
1. R. Quinn 1-0 K. Moynihan
2. J. Miller 1-0 G. McCarthy
3. T. Dunne 0-1 P. O’Donovan
4. N. Larter 1-0 T. Myers
5. J. Cassidy 0.5-0.5 D. Geaney-O’Brien

Limerick A 2-3 Ennis
1. K. O’Flaherty 0-1 R. Quinn
2. B. Neaga 0-1 J.Miller
3. R. O’Brien 0.5- T. Dunne
4. J. Naughton 1-0 J. Cassidy
5. T. Jennings 0.5-0.5 N. Larter

October 22, 2016

Magnus Carlsen gets in some blitz in Washington Square

Seems yours truly isn’t the only chess tourist getting in some blitz in New York recently. Magnus Carlsen and Liv Tyler visited Washington Square where Magnus sat down to play chess against some of the chess hustlers who congregate  there. The Daily Mail have a good article covering his visit. I have one tip for Magnus though if he wants better games, next time try Union Square,some of the stronger players are based there  :-)

October 18, 2016

Limerick Open 2016

The Limerick Open take place from the 29th to the 31st October in the Savoy Hotel Limerick. The tournament is a 6 round FIDE rated event comprising the Philip Hogarty Open and the U1400. Entries to John Cassidy on 087 2495913. One of the participants is IM Lucian Miron, winner of the Ennis Congress earlier this year, is giving a simultaneous on 27th October in St Michaels chess club at 19.00

October 16, 2016

Gedvailite-Cipariene wins Irish womens title

Well done to Monika Gedvailite-Cipariene who won the Irish womens title in Buswells Hotel earlier today. The tournament saw Monika retain her title from 2015. Full details on the ICU website.

October 13, 2016

Jones takes second in Atlantic City

Well done to Gawain Jones who took second place in the 3rd Millionaire Open which was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey recently. Gawain qualified as one of the four finalists for Millionaire Monday and beat Jianchao Zhou in the semi final. He faced the Polish Grandmaster Dariusz Swiercz in the final. It looked like he was going to win the first game too until a late blunder when he fell into a mating net meant he was 1 down and under pressure going into the next game with black. Such are the fine margins between winning and losing. Swiercz took the second game to win the tournament. Still the former St Flannans College student and Ennis player had the consolation of finishing ahead of the 398 other players and a nice 15 grand pay cheque for second.


October 9, 2016

Rounds 1 and 2 Munster League

Ennis’ first two matches in the Munster League this year took place in the West County Hotel yesterday having been postponed last week. This was a double header against Limerick B and the team did well winning both matches. Angeline Nguyen made her Ennis debut and got off to a good start while Con Kirby did well for Limerick with two draws.

Limerick B 0.5-4.5 Ennis
1. J Danaher 0-1 R Quinn
2. P Foenander 0-1 J Miller
3. S Danaher 0-1 A Nguyen
4. T Dineen 0-1 J Cassidy
5. C Kirby 0.5-0.5 K O’Brien

Ennis 4-1 Limerick B
1. R Quinn 1-0 D. Stejskal
2. J. Miller 0.5-0.5 J Danaher
3. A Nguyen 1-0 S Danaher
4. J Cassidy 1-0 L Podzimkova
5. G Casey 0.5-0.5 C Kirby

September 27, 2016

Killian Delaney wins Irish blitz and rapid

Well done to Killian Delaney who won both the Irish blitz championships and the Irish rapid championships last weekend. He scored 6.5 from 7 in the rapid with a performance of 2396 and 9 out of 9 in the blitz for a performance rating of 2853. Impressive stuff!

September 19, 2016

Paul Walsh retains Munster title

Paul Walsh retained the Munster title last weekend in Ennis on a score of 4 from 5. There were 4 players tied in second back to fifth on 3.5 points: Philip Short, Gerry McCarthy, Piotr Leichert and myself.

Erick McPherson and PJ O Reilly tied for first on 4.5 from 6 in the Joe Browne Cup. Kerry Tyrell and James Naughton tied for 3-4th on 4 points.

The position below is from the game Philip Short versus Paul Walsh from Round 3 which eventually ended in a draw. How could white possibly have improved on that result by playing differently in the position?


Short – Walsh (Ennis, 2016) White to play

As the players analysed after the game White can play 1.Bxf7+ and if Kxf7 2.Qb3+ Be6 3.Nfg5+ hxg5 4Nxg5+ Kf6 5Rxe6+ Nxe6 6Qxe6+ Kxg5 7.Rb6 and white mates in a few more moves. If instead white hopes for mate in two with 6f4+ followed by Qh3#, he might get a shock when black plays Qxf4! though that line is winning for white too as blacks king is so exposed.  Of course black does not have to take back on f7. Just 1…Kh8 and the position still seems ok for black.

September 17, 2016

Munster Championships – 3 rounds in

3 players share the lead on 2.5 points in the Senior Championships, Paul Walsh and Philip Short who drew in round 3 and Piotr Leichert who beat Eric Salsac in this round. There isn’t any player on full points in the Joe Browne either. PJ O Reilly is in sole lead of that tournament on 2.5 points tomorrow. So 2 rounds of chess battling left tomorrow to decide the final standings in both tournaments.

September 16, 2016

Coverage of Munster Chess Championships

You can follow live games, results and pairings from the Munster Chess Championships this weekend at the Munster Chess Union website  I’ll post some updates from the tournament here as the competition unfolds. The first round starts at 7.30pm this evening.