Round 6

It’s always a good day when Ireland beat England and today was no different as we notched up our second win of the event at the expense of the English representatives White Rose. In fairness they were a good bunch of lads, and were missing their board one from earlier in the event Van De Grient. We were at an even bigger disadvantage having to forfeit board 6 and Nick moved up a board to board 5. To draw a soccer analogy usually when an Irish club plays an English club at these events, its a case of Shamrock Rovers vs Man Utd. In this case though the shoe was on the other foot as our two Czech strikers both put the ball in the net with two wins on the top two boards. In fairness Petrs opponent played very well and during the post mortem Petr felt he was possibly very close to lost at certain points. But in the end he came through. Just as well since  John Joyce agreed a draw after only a couple of moves which was a bit surprising. Not sure if the drink was taking its toll or if he just wanted a rest but it did put it up to the rest of us. 

I got my first win of the event against Lewyk. I decided on the spur of the moment to play 1Nc3 and an interesting game ensued. He played 1…d5 which is the most critical move I think, and I played e4, I then played an early f4 which possibly wasnt right but I dont think he picked the correct plan and in the end his advanced pawns proved weak. Nick played the black side of a French rather strangley but then found a nice exchange sac and an even nicer follow up (e5) to leave himself with a winning position after Qh6+ followed by ef however he blundered and instead found himself in the lost position. Still we had done enough to win the match by the narrowest of margins 3.5-2.5. A great result considering the circumstances.


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  1. C’mon I’m waiting for the round 7 write up 🙂

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