Ennis Chess Club

Ennis Chess Club now meets in the West County Hotel on Thursday nights at 7.30pm.

The club meets all year round though numbers can vary from week to week. Summer is usually a quieter time as the club league season in Ireland usually runs from late September til May. Ennis currently have two teams competing in the Munster Leagues. For the 2020-2021 season, there are more than 30 players playing in the Ennis Club league organised by John Cassidy. Ennis players also compete in tournaments nationally and internationally.

If you are an adult beginner wanting to learn how to play then please come along to the chess club on Thursday nights. If you are a junior beginner looking for coaching or to play then contact John Cassidy on 087-2495913. There is no fee to come along to a club night and get involved however if you wish to play competitively for example in the Munster League then you will need to become a member of the Irish Chess Union and also pay part of the team entry fee.


24 Comments to “Ennis Chess Club”

  1. Hi,
    Could someone give me a contact name and number so i could find out more about the chess on Tuesday nights or can anyone just show up?

    Thanks a mill,

    • Hi Mike
      Yes anyone can just turn up, you would be very welcome. At the moment things are quiet for the Summer but there is usually a few people down in Tom Steeles on a Tuesday evening either upstairs or downstairs in the seating area by the fireplace if its quiet. Contact John Cassidy on 087 2495913 or myself on 085 1560995.

  2. Could this Andrew Ingram have gone to Whittingeham Primary School? If so your friend John Lynas would like to get in touch.

  3. Hi there John. Yes it is I.
    I’m in Edinburgh ’til wednesday.
    email is ndrewingram@gmail.com i.e. my name without the ‘a’
    Talk soon

  4. heard a rumour ennis chess club is entering bodley cup in leinster leagues this season is this true?

    • Hi Leon, ennis chess club approached the leinster chess union earlier this year to see if it would be possible to play in the Leinster League playing our home games in Athlone. There is a precedent for this, for example teams such as Cavan and Ballinasloe, although from other provinces, currently compete in Leinster. The response was positive though afaik we would have to start in division 6. The club members have to decide whether to apply for this, starting in Division 6 might prove a bit of a stumbling block as it would mean a minimum of 5 years and possibly longer before we could compete in the Armstrong. We had hoped that we might be allowed to start in a higher division than division 6 given the probable playing strength of the squad. So basically it hasn’t been decided yet for definite. – Rory

  5. rory the reason i asked is because i will be entering a new team in the leagues clondalkin chess club like yourselfves we asked if we could moved up a few divisions given our playing strength however this was refused.if ennis enter it should make league interesting a straight shoot out between ennis and clondalkin i think.have been doing some research on your team especially the 2 czech lads.We only played once in the memorial blitz competition and i was lucky to win with 1 second on my clock an interesting french talk to you soon regards Leon.

  6. yeah i remember that game leon, well best of luck with the new team, it would make for an interesting league if both ennis and clondalkin were playing! I don’t know if this will come to pass however. From the LCU committees point of view I can see why they want all new teams to start from the same place but it could make for a kind of lopsided div 6 this year!

  7. Rory i have heard there may be an available spot in ennis as i thing kilkeeny dropped out that is division 3.I think a strong case could be made for ennis chess clubs inclusion giving your teams playing strenght maybe worth looking into.The reason i’m telling you this is there was a case made a few years back involving wicklow chess club where they where fasttracked to a higher division so this maybe worth argueing.The case was quoted to me by john ferguson and the year in question was 2001 see his comment on rathmines chess club site and look for rathmines branigan cup ko and you will see the quote.talk soon and best off luck to ennis on upcoming season regardless off what you decide to do.

  8. hi – may need to act quickly but note the league fixtures at leinsterchess.com have just been amended and appear to leave a vacancy in division 3 -the ennis(!) shield -rgds

  9. thanks leon and pat, i must ask john cassidy about this, i havent been in contact with anyone from LCU recently myself

  10. Hi Rory,
    Waterford Chess Club here, We’ve recently put up a website, and I was wondering if you’d be kind enough to add our site to your blogroll of honour! We’ve been fortunate to have had an influx of new members of late and hope to recruit more soon. Also we’ve a brand new Ladder system up and running in the club to hone our skills and keep us sharp.
    P.S. Love your blog! Keep up the good work!

    A chara, Kieran Burke

  11. Forgot to add the address! Here ’tis………. http://waterfordchess.wordpress.com/


  12. Hello,

    My name is John Devereaux (from Cork city originally) and I am a member of the Sunrise Chess & Games sales team located in Lublin, Poland.

    Can you post this comment to your web site because we are trying to develop customers with Irish chess clubs.

    Our web site is http://www.polishchess.com

    Please ask for me and I will do my best to assist you. Chess clubs do qualify for discounts and UPS carriage rates to Ireland are competitive.



  13. Ok John best of luck with your venture!

  14. Hi my Son is interested in joining a chess club. He is 14. It this club for adults only? Thx m

  15. Hi I have recently moved to Ennis from the UK. My BCF rating is about 162. I would like to get involved in the chess club and to perhaps play in some competitive matches. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Regards John Williams

  16. Hi, I’m looking for a chess club that my 14 year old son can join. We live in East Clare, so could travel to Ennis or Limerick. Are there any clubs that accept people his age? Thanks in advance. Mel

  17. Hi, I would like to learn how to play chess.I am 44 adult. Is club open to beginners ?

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