Ennis win Munster League Division 1

Some unfinished business in the Munster League concluded today as the final 2 rounds from the COVID interrupted 2019-2020 season were played. It was tight at the top as Sarsfields, Cork A and Ennis all battled for the title. Cork A led the way going into today but a defeat to 2nd placed Sarsfields in the first match of the day, meant Ennis could go first if we beat Limerick A.

Limerick A 1-4 Ennis

  1. J. Naughton 0-1 O. Gubanov
  2. C. Kirby 0-1 R. Quinn
  3. D. Chaudarov 0.5-0.5 O. Murchadha
  4. R. O’Brien 0-1 T. Dunne
  5. G. Stack 0.5-0.5 K. O’Brien (Capt.)

Winning 4-1 meant we had a slender lead over Sarsfields going into the last round. However, our last round game was against Cork A who could still win the title themselves by beating us, whereas Sarsfields played Limerick B which, on paper, was an easier match. A stunning victory in the last round meant we won the title for the first time since the 2016/2017 season.

Ennis 4.5-0.5 Cork A

  1. O. Gubanov 1-0 S. Murphy
  2. R. Quinn 1-0 H. de Jonge
  3. O. Murchadha 1-0 H.R. Manasa
  4. T. Dunne 0.5-0.5 S. Lawrence
  5. K. O’Brien (Capt.) 1-0 M. Bradley

Ennis B also had a match today and finished the season on a high with a win against Cork B.

Ennis B 5-0 Cork B

  1. L. Daros (Capt.) 1-0 M. Watkins
  2. N. Whelan 1-0 M. McGrath
  3. R. Marshall 1-0 S. Shindgi
  4. P. Timlin 1-0 H.S. Muhammad
  5. J. O’Sullivan w/o

Ennis A – Munster League Division 1 Winners 2019-2020 Season

One Comment to “Ennis win Munster League Division 1”

  1. Fantastic stuff lads well done

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