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October 23, 2022

Ennis win Munster League Division 1

Some unfinished business in the Munster League concluded today as the final 2 rounds from the COVID interrupted 2019-2020 season were played. It was tight at the top as Sarsfields, Cork A and Ennis all battled for the title. Cork A led the way going into today but a defeat to 2nd placed Sarsfields in the first match of the day, meant Ennis could go first if we beat Limerick A.

Limerick A 1-4 Ennis

  1. J. Naughton 0-1 O. Gubanov
  2. C. Kirby 0-1 R. Quinn
  3. D. Chaudarov 0.5-0.5 O. Murchadha
  4. R. O’Brien 0-1 T. Dunne
  5. G. Stack 0.5-0.5 K. O’Brien (Capt.)

Winning 4-1 meant we had a slender lead over Sarsfields going into the last round. However, our last round game was against Cork A who could still win the title themselves by beating us, whereas Sarsfields played Limerick B which, on paper, was an easier match. A stunning victory in the last round meant we won the title for the first time since the 2016/2017 season.

Ennis 4.5-0.5 Cork A

  1. O. Gubanov 1-0 S. Murphy
  2. R. Quinn 1-0 H. de Jonge
  3. O. Murchadha 1-0 H.R. Manasa
  4. T. Dunne 0.5-0.5 S. Lawrence
  5. K. O’Brien (Capt.) 1-0 M. Bradley

Ennis B also had a match today and finished the season on a high with a win against Cork B.

Ennis B 5-0 Cork B

  1. L. Daros (Capt.) 1-0 M. Watkins
  2. N. Whelan 1-0 M. McGrath
  3. R. Marshall 1-0 S. Shindgi
  4. P. Timlin 1-0 H.S. Muhammad
  5. J. O’Sullivan w/o

Ennis A – Munster League Division 1 Winners 2019-2020 Season
October 13, 2022

Euro Club Cup 2022 – Ennis Roundup

Ennis squad at European Club Cup 2022. Photo taken 3/10/22. Photo courtesy F. Antoni.
Squad photo taken before Round 1.

The European Club Cup finished last Sunday in Mayrhofen, Austria. After 7 rounds Ennis finished in 60th place out of the 70 competing teams. So, we finished a little below our initial seeding of 56th. A major factor in this was losing our board 1 to illness halfway through the tournament. Simon wasn’t feeling well from the start of the tournament but was still playing well and we had reached 33rd place before he had to withdraw. This meant the rest of the team had to play up a board in the remaining matches which obviously made our task more difficult. Also, in some matches we didn’t capitalise on the chances we did get. Overall, it was a mixed performance by the team. Highlights for the team were probably Round 4 where we beat a higher ranked Austrian team and Round 1 where we competed well with a much higher ranked Dutch team Our round-by-round results are below. Full results for the tournament are at chess results.

  1. Ennis 2.5 – 3.5 LSG Leiden 1 (Netherlands)
  2. Ennis 2 – 4 Viking CC (Iceland)
  3. Ennis 3.5 – 2.5 Gonzaga (Ireland)
  4. Ennis 4 -2 SK Zell/Zillertal (Austria)
  5. Ennis 1-5 De Plus Pion Wachtebeke (Belgium)
  6. Ennis 2-4 Amevo Apeldoorn (Netherlands)
  7. Ennis 2-4 Drejtesia (Kosovo)

I was happy with my own performance scoring 5 out of 7 with a rating performance of 2319 and making the FM title, which was a nice bonus! It could have been even better, as one of my losses was on time a couple of moves before the time control in an unclear position and in the other, I over pressed in a position where I had a bind after my opponent defended well.

With more places open to Irish teams in the competition than ever before, the European Club Cup represents a great opportunity for Irish players to test themselves against strong opposition. Next year’s tournament is due to take place in Albania, I’d highly recommend Irish clubs to go and compete.

October 1, 2022

European Club Cup 2022

Some of the best chess players in the world will descend on Mayrhofen in Austria in the next couple of days in preparation for this year’s European Club Cup, including world number one and man of the moment Magnus Carlsen. Top seeds in the Open by some distance are the Romanian team CSU ASE Superbet with Vishy Anand on top board and an average team rating of 2713.

Ennis are seeded 56th out of the 70 teams in the Open and are the highest seeded of the Irish teams in the event. I think this is the highest we have ever been seeded in an ECC and as in any team event the initial goal will be to at least finish at or above our seeding. Our squad is as listed previously except for Oscar Culbeaux who apparently withdrew late due to work commitments, which is a pity as I’m sure there were other players who might have liked the opportunity to participate.

There are some good players on our team and it will be interesting to see how we get on. The ECC is always an enjoyable and very strong tournament to play in. Of course, a patzer like myself is likely to struggle at such a high level but I’ll do my best. There is a preview of the event at chessbase. The tournament website has some information and of course results will regularly be updated on chess results. Usually at this event some of, if not all, the games are broadcast live so for anyone interested in watching how the matches unfold in real-time, I’m sure most of the major chess sites will carry coverage.