RIP Philip Short

Irish chess lost one of it’s titans recently with the death of Philip Short. I remember as a youngster going through Philips games in copies of the Irish Chess Journal. I got to play him quite a few times in more recent years. He was an excellent chess player but more importantly was a very pleasant and modest person. Deepest sympathies to all his family and friends.


4 Comments to “RIP Philip Short”

  1. I echo what you’ve said Rory. A very sad loss and the end of an era for Munster and Irish chess. My chess ‘career’ in a sense started with Philip as he played in and won the very first rated tournament I played in. A Munster or Nth Munster played in Kilfinane 1980.
    Won’t forget the long hair he had in those days!!

  2. Can I add my condolences to the earlier comments? I was deeply shocked by Philip’s death – he seemed so vital and still played so well. But there have been too many sudden deaths lately — Daniel Freeman, aged 50, webmaster and founder of the site, died of heart failure last summer. And my younger brother Barry, also 50, died of cancer in September. He wasn’t a bad chess player either, and leaves a 9-year-old-son who is very keen on the game.

  3. I first played Philip in the 1970s, in the last round of an Open Tournament in Cavan. I had already beaten Paul Wallace, then rated about 2200, but lost to Carton and Paul Delaney. I ended up drawing with Philip, scoring 50% overall – a good result, as 5 of my 6 opponents were internationals.

    Curiously, in my game against Philip, I played the rare Kangaroo or Keres Defence — 1.d4 e6 2.c4 Bb4+ 3.Nd2 etc.
    About 30 years later, I played the same line vs Philip, but attempted an ‘improvement’ — which soon got me into trouble. I lost. Maybe Philip took me more seriously this time, I’m not sure — but he said he had no memory of our earlier game (and yet he repeated exactly the same line from the 1978 game).. Overall, I think I played him 4 times, scoring just 0.5/4.

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