Ennis Chess Congress

Stay tuned for details of the Ennis Congress 2024

Previous Winners

2023 – Joint First Blair Connell (wins blitz playoff) and Oleg Gubanov IM
2022 – First Sam Collins IM
2021 – (9 round online rapidplay)-First Rory Quinn (now FM)
2020 – Not Played
2019 – First Marijus Vicas
2018 – Equal First Lucian-Costin Miron IM, Daniel Hristodescu FM, Anthony Bourached
2017 – First Lucian-Costin Miron IM
2016- First Lucian-Costin Miron IM
2015- Joint First Valentine Kalinins and Mircea Parligras GM
2014- Equal First Lucian Filip IM, David Fitzsimons FM, Valentine Kalinins, Colm Daly FM
2013- First Valentine Kalinins
2012- First Gawain Jones GM
2011- First Gawain Jones GM
2010- First Jan Sodoma (now IM)
2009- Joint first Mihai Suba GM and Kevin Spraggett GM
2008- Joint first Karl McPhillips (now FM) and Petr Neuman IM (now GM)
2007- First Matthew Turner GM

U1400 (Marcel Castricum Cup) winners

2023 – First Christopher Woods
2022 – First Gavin Sheahan
2021 – (9 round online rapidplay) First Gavin Sheahan
2020 – Not Played
2019 – First Theo Wallace
2018 – Joint First Dylan Murphy and Azzizbek Shamsiddinov
2017 – First Azzizbek Shamsiddinov
2016- First Michal Surowka
2015- Equal First Michal Surowka, Atanas Kouhtev, Andrew Ingram, Aidan Coll, Dayna Ferguson, John P. Dunne (Surowka wins Marcel Castricum Shield in blitz)
2014- First Dovydas Pocevicius
2013- Joint First Sean MacGowan and Eric Salsac (MacGowan wins Marcel Castricum Shield in blitz)
2012- First Darragh Kennedy
2011- First Herickson da Silva
2010- Joint First James Danaher and Herickson da Silva
2009- Joint First Herickson da Silva and Andrew Ingram
2008- First- Eoin Moran
2007- Joint First Darlington Mabuzwe and Lucas Almeida


8 Comments to “Ennis Chess Congress”

  1. I will enter

  2. Liam will play

  3. hi guys its ok to post here if you want to play but best to email me your details at ennischessclub@hotmail.com.

  4. Hi Rory. It looks I will play 🙂

  5. Great…Hmmm maybe I better start brushing up my Philidor so 🙂

  6. Hi Kenneth Higgins here i will play aswell, I will contact john closer to time…

  7. Good luck to everyone that will participate in the Ennis Open next month !!

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