Irish Championships 2017

The Irish Senior Championships and associated events take place in the West County Hotel in Ennis from 28th July to 6th August. To the best of my knowledge this is the first time in the 130+ year history of the event that it has been held in Ennis, though I am open to correction on that. Certainly if it was held in Ennis previously, it was a long time ago. It’s nice for local players to have such a prestigious event taking place nearby.

There is still plenty of time to get entries in for what promises to be a great event. Entry to the senior championships (limited to 1900+ rating) and the weekend events is via the Irish Chess Union website.As usual and in addition to the title there is an automatic spot on the 2018 Irish Olympiad team for the winner. For those who can’t make it all games in the Senior are due to be broadcast online so you can still follow the games.

Sponsorship is provided by Clare County Council (senior event and second weekender) and EI Electronics (first weekender).


2 Comments to “Irish Championships 2017”

  1. Yes, apparently it’s the first time it has ever been in Ennis, or indeed anywhere in Clare.

    Other Munster venues (by county): Cork 11, Limerick 4, Kerry 1.

    (From a quick check of David McAlister’s pages at and

  2. Great venue and great food at the hotel restraurant….still time to enter the week ender. Huge thanks to the Ennis lads (Gerry Casey and John Cassidy) for their great hospitality in organising accomodation and picking us both up and dropping us back to Shannon airport at an ungodly hour last week end.

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