Pieces beat the Queen

Here is another puzzle from a game I played in the Leinster League at the weekend. It’s not too difficult (there’s a clue in the title 🙂 )

Rad-Quinn (2016) Black to play

Rad-Quinn (2017) Black to play

Most moves for Black are good here. In the game I played Qd6 and won but there is a quicker win. Can you find it?

2 Comments to “Pieces beat the Queen”

  1. Looks like 1…Rxe2 2.Bxc7 Rde8 after which W has no defence to Re1

  2. Yeah thats pretty much it, if 3Rf1 Re1 and he has no defence to Rxf1 and Re1 mate other than to play Qg2 or a similar move

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