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October 13, 2022

Euro Club Cup 2022 – Ennis Roundup

Ennis squad at European Club Cup 2022. Photo taken 3/10/22. Photo courtesy F. Antoni.
Squad photo taken before Round 1.

The European Club Cup finished last Sunday in Mayrhofen, Austria. After 7 rounds Ennis finished in 60th place out of the 70 competing teams. So, we finished a little below our initial seeding of 56th. A major factor in this was losing our board 1 to illness halfway through the tournament. Simon wasn’t feeling well from the start of the tournament but was still playing well and we had reached 33rd place before he had to withdraw. This meant the rest of the team had to play up a board in the remaining matches which obviously made our task more difficult. Also, in some matches we didn’t capitalise on the chances we did get. Overall, it was a mixed performance by the team. Highlights for the team were probably Round 4 where we beat a higher ranked Austrian team and Round 1 where we competed well with a much higher ranked Dutch team Our round-by-round results are below. Full results for the tournament are at chess results.

  1. Ennis 2.5 – 3.5 LSG Leiden 1 (Netherlands)
  2. Ennis 2 – 4 Viking CC (Iceland)
  3. Ennis 3.5 – 2.5 Gonzaga (Ireland)
  4. Ennis 4 -2 SK Zell/Zillertal (Austria)
  5. Ennis 1-5 De Plus Pion Wachtebeke (Belgium)
  6. Ennis 2-4 Amevo Apeldoorn (Netherlands)
  7. Ennis 2-4 Drejtesia (Kosovo)

I was happy with my own performance scoring 5 out of 7 with a rating performance of 2319 and making the FM title, which was a nice bonus! It could have been even better, as one of my losses was on time a couple of moves before the time control in an unclear position and in the other, I over pressed in a position where I had a bind after my opponent defended well.

With more places open to Irish teams in the competition than ever before, the European Club Cup represents a great opportunity for Irish players to test themselves against strong opposition. Next year’s tournament is due to take place in Albania, I’d highly recommend Irish clubs to go and compete.

September 9, 2022

Ennis Squad for the European Club Cup 2022

With no national club championships taking place for the last few years due to COVID, clubs who wished to compete in the European Club Cup were asked to forward expressions of interest in competing to the Irish Chess Union. This years event will take place in Mayrhofen in the Austrian Tyrol in October and Ennis were one of the clubs who expressed in interest in playing. Our squad for the event in rating order is …

  1. GM S. Williams
  2. FM G. Jahncke
  3. IM O. Gubanov
  4. B. Connell
  5. FM O. Culbeaux
  6. R. Quinn
  7. B. Thee
  8. J. Cassidy (Captain)
September 2, 2022

Ennis U16s win gold

Well done to all the Clare chess players who took part in the All Ireland Community games finals recently. Congratulations in particular to the Ennis U16 team and their coach John Cassidy who won the gold medals beating Monaghan in the semi final and Sligo in the final.

August 13, 2022

Uzbekistan win Chennai Olympiad

With Russia prevented from participating and China choosing not to, there were probably quite a few teams that quietly fancied their chances of finishing among the medals in the recent chess Olympiad in Chennai, India. I’m not sure how many people expected Uzbekistan, who started as 14th seeds, to win the Open event, but that they did, sealing the gold medals with a last round victory over the Netherlands. 12th seeded Armenia finished in second place. It is customary in Olympiads that the host country can field a second team and in fact India fielded three teams and India 2, which was made up of junior players, took the bronze medal. It shows the strength in depth of Indian chess that their second team went close to winning the event.

The main story of the Irish team was Conor Murphys spectacular performance on board 2. He scored six points from his first six games (including wins in successive rounds over two 2600+ players) and 7.5 from 9 overall, to make a GM norm and was among the best performing players on board two in the Open. Irish champion Tarun Kanyamarala also gained some rating points scoring 6.5 from 10 while the other players, Alexander Baburin, Tom O’Gorman and Mark Heidenfeld held their own more or less. The Irish team were seeded 59th in the Open and finished in 60th place.

The womens event went along more predictable lines than the open as the top 3 seeds all finished in the medals. The second seeds Ukraine won the event, with a traditional power house of womens chess Georgia finishing second and India finishing in third. Alice O’Gorman was top scorer on the Irish womens team finishing on 7 points from 9 on board two. The team were initially seeded 51st and finished in 59th place.

July 18, 2022

Ennis Club League Final Standings

I just received the final standings and results for the 2022 Ennis club league. Yours truly finished in first place on 6.5 points from 7. Cody Coughlan, James Danaher, Kieran O’Brien and John Cassidy finished tied in 2nd through to 5th place on 5 points from 7. Final Results, standings and cross table are in the attached pdf document.

Place Name                          Rtg  Score   M-Buch. Buch. Progr.

  1   Quinn, Rory                   2063 6.5      21.0  29.5   26.5
 2-5  Coughlan, Cody                1489 5        22.0  30.0   22.0
      Danaher, James                1596 5        21.5  31.0   22.0
      O'Brien, Kieran               1578 5        21.0  30.0   21.5
      Cassidy, John                 1652 5        19.5  27.0   20.5
 6-9  Koeller, Peter                1427 4.5      22.0  29.5   21.5
      Stack, George                 693  4.5      17.5  25.0   16.0
      O'Donnell, Michael            1627 4.5      16.5  23.0   15.5
      Casey, Georgie                1085 4.5      16.0  22.5   18.0
10-15 Casey, Gerry                  1435 4        20.0  28.0   18.5
      Meany, Stephen                806  4        19.5  29.0   15.5
      McGorrian, Chris              998  4        18.5  24.5   17.5
      Marshall, Roy                 1016 4        17.0  23.0   14.5
      Ulbrych, Stanislaw            840  4        16.5  22.5   15.0
      Mabhena, Vladimir             995  4        16.0  22.0   13.5
16-19 Daros, Lukasz                 1415 3.5      22.5  32.0   19.0
      Timlin, Phil                  704  3.5      17.5  23.5   12.5
      O'Sullivan, James             1118 3.5      14.0  22.0   13.5
      Jackson, Oisin                500  3.5      11.5  16.5    9.0
20-21 Holland, Tadhg                844  3        20.0  27.0   15.0
      McAuliffe, Jack               746  3        15.0  21.5    8.0
22-25 Fedurek, Jacek                500  2.5      17.5  24.0   10.5
      Coll, Aidan                   1233 2.5      16.0  22.5   11.5
      Coughlan, James               700  2.5      15.5  21.0   11.5
      Breslin, Ultan                500  2.5      13.0  19.0    7.5
26-28 Collier, Patrick              500  2        18.5  25.0   12.0
      Nolan, Brian                  500  2        15.0  21.0   10.0
      McCarthy, Conall              700  2        10.5  15.0    7.5
 29   Dyksy, Krzysztof              500  1.5      14.0  20.0    4.0
30-31 Noonan, Caspar                500  1        14.5  20.0    1.5
      Orzechowski, Wiktor           500  1         3.5  10.5    3.0
 32   Belo, Ricardo                 500  0         4.0   4.0    0.0
June 18, 2022

Galway Rapidplay 2022

There was a big entry for the 2022 edition of the Galway Rapidplay which took place in the Bridge Centre in Galway today. FM Colm Daly took first place on 6.5 from 7. I shared joint second with S. Anand Kumar on 6 from 7. Alice O’Gorman took the ladies prize and there were lots of junior prize winners with the organisers adding extra prizes due to the large turn out. I can’t remember all and don’t want to leave anyone out. Results and a full list of prize winners will likely be available at the Galway chess website in the coming days.

The event had an international flavour with players from many countries participating including a number of players from Ukraine who have certainly added a lot to the Irish chess scene since arriving. My only loss was to a player from Trinidad and Tobago who is currently studying in Dublin. I took a slightly risky approach with the black pieces saccing a pawn in the opening for an attack, but my opponent played well and was better until he missed a tactic that left the position very unclear. I failed to follow up correctly though and my opponent was able to go into a winning ending which he duly converted.

Other Ennis players competing were Mike O’Donnell, Roy Marshall and George Stack (who also won a prize). The tournament was fun. I like the format, it’s possible to play reasonably good chess but still fast enough that one doesn’t have much time to dwell on a loss, as the rounds come and go quickly and the whole event can be played in a day. It would be nice to see more of these type of rapidplays in the West.

On a sombre note, sad to hear today that Paddy Quinlan passed away recently. Paddy was a real chess aficionado, not only playing regularly in chess tournaments and leagues but also finding time to organise very enjoyable tournaments in Tramore and Waterford over the years. May he rest in peace.

June 16, 2022

Quinn wins club championship 2022

Yours truly won the Ennis chess club championship with a win in the final round yesterday to finish on 6.5 from 7. Cody Coughlan, John Cassidy and James Danaher finished tied in second on 5 points. They could still be joined by other players depending on how the matches still to be played finish. Full results and standings will follow once all matches are finished.

June 2, 2022

Round 6 Results Club League

  1 O’Brien, Kieran [4]     0:1 Quinn, Rory  [4.5]
  2 Coughlan, Cody [4]    0:1    Danaher, James [4]
  3 Casey, Gerry[3]   1/2:1/2  Koeller, Peter [4]
  4 Cassidy, John [3.5]  1/2:1/2  Daros, Lukasz [3] (provisional)
  5 Casey, Georgie [3]  1/2:1/2  Meany, Stephen [3]
  6 Mbube, Vladimir [3]   0:1    McGorrian, Chris [3]
  7 Holland, Tadhg [3]     0:1    Ulbrych, Stanislaw [3]
  8 O’Donnell, Michael [3]  1:0    Coughlan, James  [2.5]
  9 Stack, George [2.5]    1:0    Coll, Aidan  [2.5]
10 Fedurek, Jacek [2]      0:1    Marshall, Roy  [2.5]
11 O’Sullivan, James [2]  1:0    Collier, Patrick [2]
12 Timlin, Phil [2]    1:0    Nolan, Brian[2]
13 McCarthy, Conall  [1.5]  1/2:1/2  Dyksy, Krzysztof  [1] (provisional)
14 Jackson, Oisin [1.5]  1/2:1/2  Noonan, Caspar  [0] (provisional)
15 Breslin, Ultan  [1]      0:1    McAuliffe, Jack    [1]

April 5, 2022

Friendly match results

Last weekend an Ennis selection played an away match against a Westport/Castlebar selection. The final result was a win for Ennis.

Westport/Castlebar 0.5 – 5.5 Ennis

  1. D Baird 0-1 R Quinn
  2. J McDonnell 0.5-0.5 B Neaga
  3. M O’Connell 0-1 J Cassidy
  4. J Hensey 0-1 J O’Sullivan
  5. H Hughes 0-1 S Meaney
  6. M Senzel 0-1 R Marshall
February 27, 2022

Sam Collins wins Ennis Congress 2022

IM Sam Collins has won the Ennis Congress on a score of 5 from 5. FM Colm Daly and Sam O’Neil finished in joint second on 4.5 from 5. Link to final standings

Well done too to Gavin Sheahan who won Marcel Castricum Cup on 4 out of 5. This year both sections were played as one competition so 4 out of 5 is an excellent score. Thirteen players in total including GM Keith Arkell finished tied on 4 points.