Connell and Gubanov win Ennis Congress

Blair Connell and IM Oleg Gubanov tied for first in the Ennis Congress last weekend on a score of 4.5 from 5 with both conceding draws to GM Bogdan Lalic, who came third on tiebreak on 4 points. This meant there was a blitz playoff to decide the winner of the Congress. Blair won the first blitz game with black against Olegs Ponziani opening, while Oleg won the second with black in a sharp Scandinavian. This meant there was an Armageddon playoff which Blair won with white to win the Congress.

Blair Connell receiving joint first prize
Oleg Gubanov receiving joint first prize

Grading prizes in the Open were won by Kieran O’Brien (U1700) and James Scarry (U1400). The Marcel Castricum Cup was won by Christopher Woods on a perfect score of 5 out of 5, with Gabriel Mirza and Roy Marshall in second and third on tiebreak with 4 points. Grading prizes in this event were won by Tadhg Long (U1000) and Conor O’Sullivan (U701) both on 4 points.

There were upwards of 120 participants over the two events with players coming from all over Ireland and further afield to compete. There is a link to results and standings for all participants at the Limerick chess club site

A busy tournament hall at the start of the final round

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