Gonzaga Classic and Upcoming Tournaments

The Gonzaga Chess Classic is taking place this weekend in Dublin over 3 sections. It looks to be one of the strongest Gonzaga Masters ever with 4 GMs, 3 IMs, 5 FMs and 3 WFMs competing.  There are more than 200 players competing across all 3 sections. Links to updates and live games are at the Irish Chess Union website.

It is a busy time of year in the chess calendar and some of the upcoming events include:

  • 23rd-25th February – Bunratty Chess Festival – this year is the 25th edition of the tournament  and many of the former title holders return to compete for this years event.
  • 28th March -1st April – The Irish Chess Union is holding a festival of events for Easter including IM and GM norm events.
  • 21st-22nd April – The National Club Championships takes place in Ballinasloe
  • 11th-13th May – The Ennis Congress takes place in the West County Hotel.

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