Mulcahy Cup and Philip Hogarty Memorial

The Mulcahy Cup takes place next weekend 12th-14th January. This is the 50th edition of the tournament. Details on the attached flier.

A series of tournaments are currently taking place in Dublin as part of the Philip Hogarty 10 Year Memorial. There is a GM norm, IM norm and senior tournament. Both Petr Neuman and Jan Sodoma are taking part in the IM tournament and there are lots of Irish players participating in all three events. I don’t see a link to live games but you can get regular updates on the Irish Chess Union website. GM Oleg Korneev and IM Sam Collins currently lead the GM event while GM Petr Neuman leads the IM event. Jonathan O’Connor leads the senior.


3 Comments to “Mulcahy Cup and Philip Hogarty Memorial”

  1. It’s a pity that there are no live games available from the Phil Hogarty 10 Year Events, with neither the two norm events nor the over-50’s ch’ship featuring live boards. This is not unlike the somewhat ramshackle way that the norm events were run in Tralee last year.
    It is especially noticeable now that tournaments in Cork, Limerick, Bunratty, Ennis and elsewhere routinely broadcast live games.
    As a next-best option, John McMorrow’s daily reports began well, but soon became erratic.
    Why does the ICU lag behind in this area? It’s quite a serious lapse, as I see it.

  2. There are games available at , no live ones though. Well done to Sam Collins on making his 3rd GM norm.

  3. I think the ICU have promised some live boards for the Easter all-play-all events. I certainly hope so. The current ICU executive have introduced some excellent innovations, but maybe they still need to catch up where live games and scores are concerned.

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