Munster Championship Results 2017

The 2017 Munster Senior Championships and the Joe Browne Cup finished earlier today in Ennis. I was very happy to take first place in the senior Championship on a score of 4.5 from 5. Nick Larter and Paul Kiely finished in joint second/third place on 3.5. Nicks 5 games all featured the French Defence which I thought might be some type of record however when I asked him after the final round he said he had played a 6 round Swiss previously where he was either on the white or black side of the French in every round!

Nick Larter Paul Kiely

Nick Larter versus Paul Kiely was the last game to finish in the tournament

Paddy Quinlan was a deserving winner of the Joe Browne Cup on 5.5 from 6. His last round game against Hari Prasad was particularly entertaining. There was a tie in 2nd to 4th between Aidan O’Sullivan, Martin Kelly and Jana Solomatina. Grading prizes went to Hari Prasad and Cody Coughlan.


Paddy Quinlan won the Joe Browne Cup


Gerry Casey took the grading prize in the Senior Championship

Paul Kiely, Nick Larter and Ray O Brien

Nick Larter and Paul Kiely being presented with 2nd/3rd place by Ray O’Brien

Rory Quinn

Just after taking my fourth Munster Championship title.

Full results are available at the Munster Chess Union and Irish Chess Union websites. Thanks to the fabulous Ulusia for the photos 🙂


9 Comments to “Munster Championship Results 2017”

  1. Congradulations to all.

  2. Any chance of sending me a big pic of the prizegiving one with Ray & Paul – it’s actually a decent pic of me – rarest of things – I don’t photo well usually 🙂

  3. Oh and re the five French Defences, with White it was two Alapin Variations and an offbeat kind of Rasa-Studier Gambit declined (1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 a6 4.Be3 Nf6 5.e5) – although with the extra move 3…a6 thrown in by Black my database classifies it as a line of Baker’s Opening and not a French at all! With Black it was a Katalymov and a MacCutcheon.

  4. As joint second in the Joe Brown Cup, I had 6 1.e4 games and five of them were 1.e4 e5!! I have now only lost 2 of my last 31 consecutive games and am unbeaten in 20 games in the last 2 British Championships ( under 1600) in Bournemouth and Llandudno. Hope to be back for the under 1400 Limerick tourney next month. Thanks to everyone who organised so efficiently and made my trip to Ennis so enjoyable! Martin Kelly (Belfast South C.C.)

  5. Well done Rory fantastic result

  6. Congrats again, Rory. I see that you actually drop a couple of ICU rating points for your win, which is absurd. FIDE used to have a rule that a tournament winner could not lose rating points – maybe the ICU should have something similar. After all, you had four wins and one draw – against Paul Kiely, then the 2nd highest ranking player still in the event.

    I was amused by Nick’s run of French Defences, including such rarities as the Katalymov and Alapin. I was unsure at first what he meant by saying that my 3…a6 (after 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3) was a Baker Defence – then I saw that the Baker was another name for the St George, 1.e4 a6, used by Miles to beat Karpov.

    I’ve played the 3.Nc3 a6 line of the French a few times – including twice against you, I think, with a win and a loss. Most books don’t cover it, but it was in one of the SOS, Secrets of Opening Surprises, volumes from NIC.

  7. Rory, that’s a great photo of you just after winning the Munster title – you look very much the zen master!

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