Munster League Rounds 10 and 11

Yesterday saw mixed results for Ennis in the Munster League. In the first match against CCYMS both teams were missing regular players. Ennis needed to win to ensure we stayed top of the table while CCYMS were battling to propel themselves into contention and they took the points in a close match.

CCYMS 3 -2 Ennis
1. G McCarthy 0-1 R Quinn
2. P O’Donovan 1-0 D Ruchko
3. P Dowdall 1-0 A Nguyen
4. D Geaney-O’Brien 1-0 N Larter
5. T Myers 0-1 J Cassidy

In the second match we beat Limerick and Sarsfields did us a favour by beating Adare which meant we kept a narrow lead at the top of the table heading into the final series of matches. It looks like being a close finish for the title with a number of teams still in contention.

Ennis 4-1 Limerick
1. R Quinn 1-0 N McDonnell
2. D Ruchko 1-0 R O’Brien
3. A Nguyen 0-1 D Fanning
4. N. Larter 1-0 T Dineen
5. J Cassidy 1-0 H Prasad

The B team had 2 wins against a Dungarvan team that defaulted Board 5. They are likely to be battling with Charleville for the top spot in Division 2.

Ennis B 5-0 Dungarvan
1. A Daly 1-0 E Lambden
2. G Casey 1-0 J Lucey
3. A Shamsiddinov 1-0 I Gordon
4. D Murphy 1-0 P O’Mahoney
5. 1-0 w/o

Dungarvan 2-3 Ennis B
1. E Lambden 1-0 G Casey
2. I Gordon 0-1 A Daly
3. J Lucey 1-0 A Shamsiddinov
4. P O’Mahoney 0-1 D Murphy
5 0-1 w/o

Full details and standings are on the Munster Chess Union website.


5 Comments to “Munster League Rounds 10 and 11”

  1. Looks that way Charleville had a 3-2 and a 4-1 win over tralee.

  2. Worth mentioning that Limerick A beat Cork A 3-2 in Round 10 (Cork defaulting on bottom board). This was also instrumental in keeping Ennis in a narrow lead!

    • Cork were unlucky that their top board failed to show up. Good wins by Niall McDonnell and young James Naughton on Boards 1 and 2.
      Overall a tough day for the top three teams.

  3. Fascinating results all round – the four leading teams (Ennis, Cork, Adare and CCYMS) all had a win and a loss. Sarsfield, in 5th place, had two wins, moving closer to the leaders. After beating Ennis, CCYMS went 2-0 up against Cork, but eventually lost 3-2. It looks like a close finish for the first time in a few years. We (CCYMS) have played all the leaders so we have hopes of making up ground in the final games … though Ennis have a slight edge at the moment.

  4. One must wonder why Ennis B pulled out of orbit in Div 1 at start of the season, then decided to re-enter the atmosphere in Div 2! Should have stayed in Div 1 instead of having to climb back up. As it is their replacement Limk B are having major problems fielding teams in every round.

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