National Club Championships 2017

The Irish Mind Sports Championships Blitz event is taking place tonight in Dublin. Its 4 rounds in and Killian Delaney is already demonstrating his formidable blitz skills as he is the only player on 4 out of 4. Those results include a win over the top seed GM Maze. The Irish Chess Union website is carrying live updates from the event. Still 5 more rounds to go in that event.

The National Club Championships gets underway tomorrow and it should be a good event. I’m sure there will be results updates on the ICU website if not live games.

2 Comments to “National Club Championships 2017”

  1. The NCC looked like a good event. A quirky result due to the limitations of a four round event but that was always an issue I believe.
    Loved following Alex and Stephen on the live broadcast. A pity about the live boards. Found it very hard to use as I couldn’t get it to work properly on iPads or my PC. A very strange app used. Wonder where it came from.

    With Galway next weekend, Cork after and then Tralee and Ennis the chess tourist is very well served 😊

  2. Live boards on NCC…it was some technology I never seen before. www, was the ad on boards. It did not work at all and what more… round 1 my position was swopped with Dianas position for about first two hours. She played a board next to me…..

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